Welcome to our winery in Neumagen-Dhron.

My family can look back on 800 years of wine-making tradition and we own some of the best vineyards in the oldest wine village in Germany.
Our leading grape, the Riesling, accounts for 80% of our wines and it thrives on the blue Devon slaty soil which is so typical for the steep slopes Moselle valley. Through early selection on the vine, natural cultivation, the careful handling of the grapes during harvesting and vinification at cool temperatures in the cellar, Rudolf achieves perfect results in his winemaking creating wines full of fruitiness and distinctive tastes.

Having a family winery means that all the family members can contribute their personal strengths to the business. My brother Rudolf (front left on the picture) is responsible for the vinification of the wines.
My sister Betty (sitting at the table in the picture) is responsible for customer care outside of the winery. She combines her second greatest passion of writing poems with our products by organising wine and cultural events.

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 Katharinenufer 9 + 11
 54347 Neumagen-Dhron

 Telephone 06507/701555
 Facsimile 06507/701556



Anne, my wife (standing in the picture), creates wine and culinary experiences using her professional viticultural background and is able to perfectly combine regional products from the Eifel hills and Hunsrück plateau from our partner businesses with our wines.

My personal objective is to present the Jüngling winery and to become a real partner for you at any time!

Michael Jüngling